Thursday, July 16, 2009

Draw me in...

So I've been sick, and sitting home drawing I just felt like sharing my drawings with the world. Actually that was the intentions of me starting a blog in the first place, I wanted a outlet to talk about how I deal with down time, the commute, and how amazingly easy it is to start small talk with people when you draw a quickie portrait of someone. Small description about it is me having an outlet to talk about how my art and how it comes into being or what wonderful person I encountered and drew that day. 

This was me trying to break in a new pen, and practicing some anatomy from memory. Shit's tough.

This little piece is an idea I threw around for a larger painting or cover for my comic in Progress. Finally finished the story and Character design. 

OHM, A quick drawing i did based off of all the portraits i have accumulated through the years of drawing life. I personally think it;s a pretty good try at a made up face. Ehh, I like it.

And this is just me f*cking with the pen and how I just love to draw fast quick and messing with fore shortening.

Well for more interesting things Check back you might see a painting or two pop up. Thanks

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