Saturday, July 11, 2009

Male Urinal...To Graphic...Deal...

So a couple of weeks have gone by with out me updating...lets chalk it up to laziness shall we, I am still quite new to this blogging experience (yes a 21st century man whom is new to OB's shut up) 
As you may or may not know I am currently located in the island of the Philippines, vacationing and trying to find my artistic Muse, Or at least something, that can justify all the partying i am doing. The thing i like most about this place is the simplicity of it all. It's so calm and laid back, and yet really really fucked up. I mean I've been to a person house and it was larger than most people's dream homes, I'm talking compound as in your very own gas station in your property? And yet I walk around seeing people/children beg for money wearing nothing but really tattered cloth. Yet, don't be fooled cause if you are so poor why wear eye shadow? Seriuosly i saw a little girl begging and she looked impoverished alright but had mascara on. Welp not to nock it this is how this place work, the rich are rich the poor are poor. 

But someone once told me talking about politics, religion, and money just causes disagreement. So f it, but truly this place is like many other places in the world, you got the good with the bad, and such is life. I personally believe you can't taste how sweet life is until you have bitten the bitterness of it. But enough of that, maybe i divulge the disturbing crap I have seen one day.

Let me give you a quick summary of what i have been doing here.
 Touch down, some time 1 month ago, I got to manila Talked with my Uncle about work, got something in the works now. Went around for a few days seen the interesting part of the Capital of my homeland and went places an ordinary person could not go. Had some fun with some foreigners (Like myself but i blend in) asking them were there from and what not, nothing harmful just asking friendly questions such as "Hay Hi, were you from...blah blah" or "your not from here are you?". Pretentious yes, Harmful no. All i gotta say about that one is, people are really not that trusting.
 Highlights of my Manila stay. Uym, Fashion magazine anybody? eheh. Yeah so like I'm from New York, and my previous lover was a very well versed fashion student, whom i thank and acknowledge for my fashion sense now. I was just drinking some starbucks and a very attractive lady comes up to me and asks if she can take my picture, little did i know it was for a urban fashion magazine, Bwhahah. OK, so i have no idea if i got in or not but still flattered they'd ask me. And on Father's Day the day I left I had butter Crab, which was awe-inspiringly good, but the kicker for that day was, when someone commented on my Hat and greated my Happy Fathers day. Funny.
 Downer of the trip, as i was walking in the mall there called Green Hills I was shocked as to the assumption of people there, I come from the south so when i speak i have a southern accent (south being southern Philippines) and I noticed that no one would ask me to buy anything. Like they would the other people passing the vendors by, Until of course i accidentally spoke in english and they heard my American accent. Which brought them down like a shark feeding frenzy. Personally i was shocked when my companion told me why that was. F-ed Up, yes very much so.

Ehh a lot spoken already tune Next week kids to part Deuce. Ricco Hit's Davao. 

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