Friday, October 23, 2009

Me + HIGH Fidelity

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Me and HIGH Fidelity.

This Isn't a review of the movie with the same title. Or my opinion about said movie. All this is, is a story about me and this (In my opinion) one of the most life affirming movies Ever. 
So my love affair started long ago during my first relationship, the break up part. You know how that is, I would assume. Couple weeks later it happened to play on tv and I watched the whole thing and it made me feel better. Ok I will admit this wasn't the first time I had watched this film, but for some reason this time around it made a little more sense and i was able to laugh at my pain and anguish. Sure I was still a unschooled Kid, child, Virgin for that matter. So High Fidelity just made me laugh allowed me to realize relationships end and you move on. Well that what I learned form it that time around. Magically It happened again I had ended another relationship and I found my self sitting at home sulking and it played on tv once more. But this time around I was much older, not by much but enough time had passed, and this movie made more sense to me. Part of it I had not understood before made more sense, like the reminising parts of the movie, the listing past girl freinds, and being angry. Still a virgin BTW, but that would not have made it's inpact this time around less significant less helpful. So this odd little movie kept comming in and out of my life seemingly after every break up after all the heart aches and stupidity an adolecent will go through. So i realized this was something that i needed to keep around cuase as i grew up this movie opened up more and more to me like secrets or points I could not understand the first time around were finally being shown to me. Now of-course the scene where Rob was deing in angiush about Ien being the best lover in the entire world made such and inpact on me. (No longer a virgin at this point) And as I went through life this movie just keept getting better and everytime i watched it, as the years past and the times changed I would end up corrolating it to my life my trials and tribulations. And i found it all the time comforting liek a freind that always knew what to say, and I eventually bought it one day at Barnse & Noble. 
So I watched it just recently and could not get it out of my mind how much this one movies has been such an influence on my life as a whole, odd maybe cool i think so. It's just that even though me as a person am not a music aficionado I get it. Passion man, loving what you do, what your into just gives life meaning. It's got Kick ass soundtrack too. So as i watch the movie and grow up with it I can't help but wish about the next time i watch it, like what will i have learned in the time between? you know cuase It just keep getting more meaningful as  igo along with my life. Personally i can't wait to watch this movie when I am 26, or when i am 34. You know and I just can't help, but wonder what cool secret will it have after all those years and all those experiences have gone by. Well here to you HIGH Fidelity and thats what you mean to me.

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